Medical Intuitive Counselor

Medical Intuitive Counselor

Medical Intuitive CounselorMeryl Martin, The Martin Method™
 Intuitive Counselor
 Energy Therapist
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Meryl Martin is Medical Intuitive / Intuitive Counselor and the founder of The Martin Method™, a powerful healing modality that combines dialoging and imaging techniques with energetic, craniosacral, intuitive, and chakra balancing therapies. This talented Intuitive Counselor's method not only embraces the holistic approach, which addresses a person's mental, emotional, and spiritual health, but it surpasses many modalities in the healing arts because it places emphasis on a person's energetic being. "Healing physical ailments is only one aspect of restoring health," says Medical Intuitive Meryl Martin, "but true healing must deal with the factors that generate those ailments. This requires transcending our limitations and expanding our concept of self."

Meryl has helped her clients do just that through The Martin Method™, which unlocks cellular memory and enables us to examine this data. Energetic data refers to emotional and psychological attitudes (both positive and negative) formed by past trauma, memories, and experiences. In applying The Martin Method™, Meryl empowers her clients to actualize their more meaningful goals. It is then that they achieve true vibrancy in health.

Meryl's column, "The Mystik Monologues" is actually an extension of her work as a powerful healer as it enables her to incorporate yet another vital element into the healing process ~~~ Humor!!!

Trained in the science of Counseling Intuition by world renowned Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy, Meryl Martin assists clients in identifying and resolving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress patterns.

Quote from Caroline Myss

Meryl Martin is an outstanding Intuitive Counselor and practitioner of the healing arts. I am extremely proud to have had Meryl as a student in my four year counseling program, The Science of Medical Intuition and then as a faculty member of my school, The  Caroline Myss Educational Institute.  Since then she has flourished by incorporating the core principles of my work into her remarkable alternative healing technique,  The Martin Method™.  Most importantly,  Meryl has the natural gift integral to any great healer -- the compassion that flows from a caring heart.  It is for these reasons that I can highly recommend Meryl to anyone seeking a professional Intuitive Counselor.
 ~~ Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, and Entering the Castle


What issues does
The Martin Method™

      Building self-esteem

      Transforming addictive

       Alleviating chronic

       Reversing depression

       Discovering one's life

       Accessing creativity

       Developing harmonious

       Pursuing spiritual

       Gaining awareness of
           underlying causes of

       Adapting to life's




Meryl's Interview with Caroline Myss
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